Saturday, December 19, 2015

Do you agree?

Do you agree? I find that I am so much more at peace within myself now that my food does not come from exploitation and violence anymore. The more my circle of compassion expands, the more I increase the peace in my life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Can you love animals and love meat too?

Is it hard to prepare vegan food? Do vegans only eat vegetables?

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Do people convert to veganism? Is it like a religion? Or do we simply realize one day that we have been fed lies all our lives and can finally start living in alignment with our innermost values?

Should we eat the way our ancestors ate? And how do we know exactly what they ate? They didn't have factory farms then, did they?

Are vegans closed-minded, radical and intolerant?

What is the most effective way to advocate for veganism? Are vegans too judgmental and angry?

Are animal only treated badly in other countries? Is it all nice and humane where we live?

No matter what the holiday or celebration, does it ever make sense to express gratitude and love by slaughtering and eating innocent beings that did not want to die?

If we can live healthfully and happily without killing and exploiting animals, why are we inflicting this hell on them at all? What for?

Should vegans care more about not upsetting their friends and family rather than about not harming the animals?

When meeting a vegan, most people say that they hardly ever eat any meat at all, or only organic and humane meat. Why is that? What do you think?

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What is worse? 'Shoving' an opinion 'down someone's throat' (or as I like to call it, sharing the news that we can live happily and healthily without taking the lives of others) or actually killing innocent lives for no other reason than taste and tradition?

Are animals killed after they had long and happy lives?

Are vegans responsible for the environmental destruction that soy production causes?

Is it rude for vegans to refuse to eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

What do vegans even eat?

Is a vegan diet too restrictive and does it endanger people's health?

Do you think there will ever be a time where it will be embarrassing to be caught eating meat/ dead animals when there is absolutely no necessity to do so?

Do you think there will ever be a time where it will be embarrassing to be caught eating meat/ dead animals when there is absolutely no necessity to do so?

I thought I start sharing some of my favourite quotes, to show that the idea of abstaining from using animals for food, clothing and entertainment isn't a new one :) 

Is vegan food disgusting and not normal?

To us it might just be a quick snack or meal. To the animals it's life itself.

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Are hens better off in caged chicken farms, where they have food, shelter and are safe from predators, than being out in the wild?

What's your opinion?

Vegan cheese options

Do you think more people would be vegan, if they saw with their own eyes what happens to the animals in the meat, egg and dairy industries?

Are we doing the animals a favour by bringing them into this world and eating their meat? Otherwise they wouldn't be born at all, right?

Should vegans support the farmers and butchers, so that they don't lose their livelihood?

Does it take too much time to prepare vegan food?

The World Health Organization is to list processed meat among the most cancer-causing substances, alongside arsenic and asbestos. What kind of reactions to this news did you have/ hear?

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Can just one person going vegan make a difference?

Do humans have the right to dominate any other species because they are more intelligent and on top of the food chain?

Vegan Snack Ideas

Can you love animals and eat them too?

Are all vegans brainwashed by the same cult propaganda?

Where are you standing in line?

Today's image is a bit different.
I felt compelled to do it after I came back home from shopping. The fruit and veg shop, I went to today, is sharing a building with a butcher. I rarely ever go there as it upsets me to see pig and cow halves hang on hooks while young adults are cutting them apart with sharp knives. I guess they do this so publicly as they want to show the consumers that "their meat" is "fresh".
When I go in there I have to cover my nose as the stench of death and raw meat makes me sick.
While paying for my fresh produce and coconut water I saw people lining up in front of the display of dismembered animal body parts, happily chatting with the butchers. People are actually voluntarily lining up to buy dead animal parts. It seemed so absurd and strange to me. The produce shop was empty in comparison.
All the beautiful, colourful, life-giving fruits and vegetables and people choose rotting flesh instead.
I must have been hypnotized to ever buy and eat these things. 
What does it take for someone to look at the display of dismembered animal body parts and see delicious food? 
It looks to me like a morgue now.

Why aren't vegans vegetarians instead? At least then they could still enjoy ice cream, cheese etc.

Should vegans focus their energy on helping humans instead of animals?

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What is the hardest part of going vegan?

Is it a personal choice to eat meat? Should vegans stop telling everyone what to eat?

Vegan Dessert Ideas. What is your favourite vegan dessert?