Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vegan Dairy Alternatives

Vegans force their agenda and propaganda on everyone

Why do cows produce milk?

Where do vegans get their calcium?

I respect your choice to be vegan, so you should respect my choice to eat meat.

Do animals have souls?

My wonderful readers' reasons they love to live vegan #12

What does 'vegan' or 'veganism' even mean?

Meeting James Aspey of Voiceless365

I had the pleasure to meet James Aspey of Voiceless 365 at VegeRama in Brisbane. He gave an inspiring talk and the crew at VegeRama cooked delicious food for everyone.

Check out James' website and Facebook page!
He is a true inspiration.

But you kill ants!

Do vegans eat fake food?

For every animal you don't eat, I will eat three

Yulin Dog Festival: Who is friend and who is food and why?

Should children learn where their food comes from?

Vegans are so extreme

My wonderful readers' reasons they love to live vegan #11

What if you were stranded on a desert island?

Why don't you eat meat?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Vegans are supposed to be skinny. Why are you fat?

Vegans are emotional. They can't be rational.

One person can't make a difference

#lovetolivevegan series #10

Is it the animals' purpose to be food for humans?

Why don't you eat meat #7

Vegan Vitamin B12 sources

But if I give up meat, dairy and eggs, what is left to eat?

Don't vegans care about children with cancer?

Vegans are hypocrites

But humans are Omnivores, I don't have 4 stomachs like a cow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Do vegans only love animals and would refuse to help a person in need?

I created a new character (on the right) who represents comments, questions and accusations that I or other vegans receive from non-vegans. Ideally, I would always prefer to have respectful chats but unfortunately sometimes the tempers are a bit heated. The girl on the left will always respond as kindly as possible. I believe that vegans and non vegans mostly have the same values of compassion, kindness and non-violence but in the non-vegans' case the conditioning of carnism has created a disconnect (and I grew up with this disconnect myself). I believe that with proper vegucation many of the not-yet-vegans would lean towards veganism and hopefully give it a chance.
Of course, in some cases, the conditioning and defenses are so dense that the best way is to ignore the comments or attacks.
But I heard plenty of feedback from formerly dense and on-the-attack meat eaters who eventually dropped their defenses and went vegan. Their desperate attempts to hold on to meat eater logic are just the last hurdles they need to climb before veganism makes sense.
With this new character I want to show that it is possible to talk to the person behind the attack rather than reacting to the often insulting comments. They often come from a place of anger that masks insecurity.

My wonderful readers' reasons they #lovetolivevegan #9

Vegans think they are better and superior to meat eaters.

Why don't you eat meat? #6

Vegan Sources of Omega 3

Cattle slaughtered with sledgehammers vs. humane killing

Hitler was a vegetarian

Lions eat meat, so why can't we?

If the whole world went vegan it would be a disaster.

Going vegan is just a phase. It'll pass soon.