Monday, August 10, 2015

#lovetolivevegan #17

Would animals overpopulate if we didn't kill and eat them?

Should we always eat meat because other animals do too?

Is picking some parsley the same as chopping off someone's leg? (Plants have feelings)

Do vegans always tell everyone what to eat?

Are vegans acting 'holier than thou'?

Do Type Os on the blood type diet have to eat meat?

Does it matter if I eat that burger or not?

R.I.P. Cecil: Is killing for sport worse than killing for food?

#lovetolivevegan #16

R.I.P. Cecil: Is the dentist a monster for killing Cecil the lion?

Do animals only get killed once they had a long and happy life?

People who eat cats and dogs are so barbaric!

Do we need milk for strong bones?

Can one person change anything?

Do vegans only care about animals?

Does vegan food contain no protein at all?

Are vegans hateful and militant?

#lovetolivevegan series #15

Is vegan food too expensive?

Are we natural omnivores and meant to eat meat?