Friday, October 2, 2015

Meat industry makes workers violent?

The meat industry does not only destroy the animals' lives, it destroys the workers' lives as well. Most suffer from STSD (Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder) from witnessing and inflicting violence every day, and as a result resort to drugs, alcohol and violence against their families and others.
Humans are naturally compassionate and kind beings who want to protect the innocent from harm.
Intentionally causing harm to thousands of animals every day is soul-crushing. The animals come up to them and want to snuggle them, and they have to force them onto the kill floor or slit their throats.
Some people start enjoying this violence and become outright abusive and torture the animals intentionally.
Others have no other option but to work this job, as it pays well and their family depends on the income.
Vegan organizations are starting to offer transitional job programs to help workers get away from these jobs that traumatize them and their families.
But the biggest power lies with us and our buying power.
If we demand products that require this atrocious violence to be used on innocent beings, then there will be people doing horrendous jobs like this.
If we demand kind and compassionate products (Tofurky, Gardein, Earth Balance, Field Roast etc.) that use grains and beans to make vegan meats, we have psychologically sane workers who help produce nutritionally dense, protein-rich products.

What kind of world do you want to help create?

Here is the link to a recent study: