Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Where are you standing in line?

Today's image is a bit different.
I felt compelled to do it after I came back home from shopping. The fruit and veg shop, I went to today, is sharing a building with a butcher. I rarely ever go there as it upsets me to see pig and cow halves hang on hooks while young adults are cutting them apart with sharp knives. I guess they do this so publicly as they want to show the consumers that "their meat" is "fresh".
When I go in there I have to cover my nose as the stench of death and raw meat makes me sick.
While paying for my fresh produce and coconut water I saw people lining up in front of the display of dismembered animal body parts, happily chatting with the butchers. People are actually voluntarily lining up to buy dead animal parts. It seemed so absurd and strange to me. The produce shop was empty in comparison.
All the beautiful, colourful, life-giving fruits and vegetables and people choose rotting flesh instead.
I must have been hypnotized to ever buy and eat these things. 
What does it take for someone to look at the display of dismembered animal body parts and see delicious food? 
It looks to me like a morgue now.