Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are vegans just like religious fanatics?

Are vegans hostile and think they are better than everyone else?

What about humane meat?

Are all vegans hippie-types? What is your favourite vegan stereotype?

Do non-vegans need to feel sorry for vegans for not being able to eat all the yummy stuff non-vegans eat?

#lovetolivevegan #31

Should we continue to eat animals because humans have been doing do for a long time already?

Do vegans feel like they are missing out?

Would vegans eat meat if they were starving to death?

Is it justified to kill billions of animals every year just because meat tastes good?

Is 'vegan' an old word for 'bad hunter'?

Are vegans a bit crazy and extreme for not even wearing wool? Aren't the sheep happy to be shorn?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Thomas A. Edison Quote

Such a powerful quote. It seems especially true when watching a movie like 'Earthlings' or undercover footage of the animal exploitation industries. 

The amount of devastating and barbaric atrocities happening there every day, are the complete opposite of consciousness and evolution.