Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Are our teeth made to tear meat?

Are vegans supposed to be skinny?

Are more animals killed to grow an apple than to produce bacon or steak?

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Is it pointless to be vegan anyway, because bees pollinate most fruits and vegetables?

Is it unavoidable to kill animals? Do we need to eat meat?

Should vegans worry more about people dying than trying to save animals?

Is it dangerous to stop eating meat?

Is it a bit restrictive to not even eat dairy or eggs?

Are our taste buds more important than the animal's life?

What does a typical vegan look like?

Would you ever cheat on veganism?

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Are animal rights activists all extremists and terrorists?

Is veganism invalid because a few people try eating a plant-based diet for a while and then go back to eating animal products?

Do animals feel pain? Do they suffer?

My granddad lived up to 95 and he ate meat.

Is it ok to eat the meat and use their skin, because the animals were bred for that purpose?

Should vegans stop forcing their opinions on non-vegans and respect their choice to eat animal products?

Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote

Are all vegans weak and scrawny? Is there such a thing as a typical vegan?

Is it rude - as a vegan - not to be offering any animal products at a party?

My wonderful readers share the reasons why they #lovetolivevegan #32

Is it embarrassing to be such an inconvenience as a vegan?

Do vegans not eat meat, dairy and eggs because they don't like the way they taste?

Is it impossible to live life without (animal) cheese?